If you’re contemplating designing and building your dream home in the mountains of Western North Carolina, you probably know that the first step is to identify that ideal parcel of land which speaks to you both emotionally and practically. It’s important to find a location that suits your family’s lifestyle and has the amenities you need to live life abundantly.

But after you’ve settled on that lot, what comes next? Many homeowners worry they’ll be forced to start construction immediately after buying land, but that’s not always the case.

How Long After Buying Land Do You Have to Build?

It depends — mostly on where the land is and who you bought it from. For example: 

If you buy land that’s not part of an established development or community, your timeline will probably be pretty flexible. Start when you want to start, and finish when you want to finish.

If you buy land in an established development or community, your experience may not be the same. Many of these communities require buyers to start construction within a very short time frame, sometimes in as little as a few weeks. They’ll make you sign a contract in which you agree to whatever their required construction start date is. 

At Sprout, we’re a community that does things a little differently than most. We let our families enjoy no required time frame to build after reserving their homesite. This allows them to take life a little slower and to live with more intention. 

4 Benefits of Having No Required Time Frame to Build After Buying Land

Having a required time frame to start construction often results in a hurried planning process and sub-par home design — both of which adversely affect the homeowner and their community as a whole. It’s much more beneficial to allow buyers a bit of space to breathe and narrow in on what they truly want for their future home.

Here are some of the main benefits of having no required time frame to build after buying land. 

1. You’ll Have More Time to Find the Best Possible Design and Build Team

A beautiful home can’t happen without a top-notch team. You want to identify a creative and talented group that will help make your vision become a reality. Architects, builders, landscapers, and other contractors need to be accounted for. 

The most sought after designers and builders can be very difficult to schedule on short notice.  Having some flexibility in your build schedule opens the door for more opportunities and allows you to work with the best talent for your specific needs.

2. You’ll Have More Time to Design the Home of Your Dreams

Ask any architect or builder — the most critical part of the home construction process happens way before actual construction begins. Detailed, well-planned designs are the key to beautiful and functional living spaces. They make the building process a whole lot smoother as well, minimizing hiccups along the way. 

When you’re not working against a short timeline to build, you’re able to focus on the home design aspects that are most important to you and find creative ways to implement them. 

3. You’ll Have More Time to Get Acquainted With Your Community

No matter how much you’ve researched your new homesite and the space around it, you probably still have a lot to learn. You’re new here, after all. It’s valuable to spend some time visiting the area and immerse yourself more into your new community. If you’re from out of state, this may mean driving or flying in a few times. 

Learn what makes your future home unique and special. What natural features are there? What are your neighbors like? What activities are within walking distance? Perhaps this “research” will even spark some inspiration for your design and decoration!

4. You’ll Be Able to Plan Your Financial Investment More Strategically

When you can wait a bit between buying land and building on it, you can space out your payments in a way that works for you. Costs can really pile up and become overwhelming when you’re buying everything at once. 

You might also be able to spend more time finding the loan option that matches your financial standing best. Or, you could take advantage of fluctuating costs to build in your area. If materials are difficult to source and costs are high, you might want to wait it out a bit longer until you notice a drop. 

Build On Your Own Timeline. Plant Your Roots at Sprout.

At Sprout, we believe in building a community that our homeowners and families are proud of. To us, that means there should never be a rush to build.

Buy your property now, take time to design your dream home, and begin construction when the timing’s right for you — that’s our methodology. If you’re ready to buy land but you’re not sure you can build yet, there’s a place for you here. Start your journey toward creating a more mindful, intentional life by reserving one of our homesites today.

Plant Your Roots and Sprout

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